About Rachelle Faught

Rachelle Faught is the Executive Producer of the high school academic game show, I Want Answers and maintains the website.

Shock & Awe: The Story of Electricity


Segment 1: Spark Tells the story of the very first "natural philosophers" who started to unlock the mysteries of electricity. They studied its curious link to life, built strange and powerful instruments to create it and even tamed lightning. These men truly laid the foundations [...]

Hunter’s Raid: Defending Hearth & Home


During the bloodiest summer of the Civil War, a northern army was ordered to devastate the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Filmed on location, this three-time Emmy award-winning documentary tells the story of "Hunter's Raid" through the voices of the men and women who lived it.

Behind the Scenes of In the Kitchen with Friends


On Monday, August 11th, RSU Public TV spent a tasty day in Tulsa! Using the Jay Rambo kitchen set in Hahn Appliance Warehouse, seven awesome chefs made some delicious meals for our upcoming special program, In the Kitchen with Friends! This special show will be broadcast [...]

Best Wishes, Doug!


Monday, March 31st, the staff of RSU Public TV bid farewell to their traffic coordinator, Doug Wittman. During his college career at Rogers State University, Doug began working for RSU TV as a student and has continued with RSU Public TV for seven years. Doug worked [...]

Young Camera Operators!


There is one thing that is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of RSU Public TV's Production Manager, Dale McKinney, and that is to have a group of smiling children fill the studio! Dale has a big heart and he loves any chance [...]