When you think of Oklahoma, things such as a giant soda bottles, dinosaurs and space capsules probably don’t come to mind. That is what Green Country People and Places is all about. We take ‘off the beaten path’ to a whole new level, introducing you to some of Green Country’s more obscure places and intriguing & talented people. From boot makers and glass blowers to civil war battlefields and model trains, we have a little bit of something everyone. We do visit the more mainstream places occasionally, but it’s our unorthodox approach that sets Green Country People and Places apart from all the rest.

Green Country People & Places 203

Visit the Bowling Ball Man in Nowata, the Green Country Model Railroaders' Association in Tulsa, and the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa. CGP&P Season 2, episode 3

Green Country People & Places 202

Visit the Leonard Geophysical Observatory, Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area, and Koller Jewelry Designs in Owasso. GCP&P Season 2, episode 2

Green Country People & Places 201

This week on Green Country People & Places we visit the Marshall Brewing Company in Tulsa, the restored Round Barn in Arcadia, and Skiatook Statuary. GCP&P Season 2, episode 1

Green Country People & Places 113

During Green Country People and Places visit the Woolaroc Museum and Ranch in Bartlesville, the remains of the Spunky Creek Fort in Catoosa and tour the Pensacola Dam in Langley. Season 1 Episode 13

Green Country People & Places 112

During Green Country People and Places visit the Steam and Gas Engine Show in Pawnee, the Tulsa Driller Statue and the gallery of artist Cha Tullis in Hominy. Season 1 Episode 12

Green Country People & Places 111

During Green Country People and Places visit the Blue Bell Creamery in Broken Arrow, the Tulsa Fairground’s Steam Engine, and the Keepsake Candles factory in Bartlesville. Season 1 Episode 11

Green Country People & Places 110

During Green Country People and Places visit and the Redbud Valley Nature Preserve in Catoosa, Fort Gibson Fort in Fort Gibson, and the Tom Mix Museum in Dewey Season 1 Episode 10

Green Country People & Places 109

During Green Country People and Places visit Safari’s Wild Life Animal Sanctuary in Broken Arrow, the Pioneer Woman Statue in Ponca City, and the McAlester Masonic Temple. Season 1 Episode 9