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Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Get Your Guns


Perspectives: Sam's Perspective - Get Your Guns Hello everyone. A couple of things I want to bring up. First, the problem with Democracy is from time to time people elected to office pass something that you know in your heart [...]

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Get Your Guns2019-02-15T09:57:58+00:00

Perspectives: Phil Albert, Edan Cole, and Michelle Bish.


Perspectives: Phil Albert, Edan Cole, and Michelle Bish. Our guests on this segment are Phil Albert with Pelco, welder Edan Cole, and Michelle Bish – executive Director of Northeast Oklahoma Development Board. (Phil Is also part of the OU Board [...]

Perspectives: Phil Albert, Edan Cole, and Michelle Bish.2019-02-08T09:45:28+00:00

Perspectives: John Erling-Voices of Oklahoma


Perspectives: John Erling - Voices of Oklahoma Our guest on this segment is a well-known area broadcaster, putting his incredible talents to work in a way that benefits all of Oklahoma.

Perspectives: John Erling-Voices of Oklahoma2019-02-08T09:35:01+00:00

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective-Text Tax


Perspectives: Sam's Perspective - Text Tax Hello everyone. If you’re new to our state, Welcome to Oklahoma. There are a few things you need to know before you’ll truly be accepted. For example, religion plays a big part of life in [...]

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective-Text Tax2019-02-08T09:29:45+00:00

Perspectives: Brent Trout – USS Batfish


Perspectives: Brent Trout - USS Batfish Our next guest oversees what some see as a ghost vessel. But actually its’ much more. Here to bring us up to speed about the USS Batfish is Brent Trout.

Perspectives: Brent Trout – USS Batfish2019-02-01T09:50:32+00:00

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Good News


Perspectives: Sam's Perspective - Good News Hello, I’m Sam Jones. I want to share something with you, given to me by my boss Royal Aills, the General Manager of RSU Public Television. It comes from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher [...]

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Good News2019-02-01T09:43:46+00:00