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Sam’s Perspective: Progress


Sam’s Perspective: Progress I’m Sam Jones. You can’t make this stuff up,... the stuff being what goes on at the state capitol in the middle of a crisis. Here we are in the middle of a very serious budget shortage, over [...]

Sam’s Perspective: Progress2016-10-27T10:16:50-05:00

Perspectives: Larry Bergner


Perspectives: Larry Bergner How much of a threat is the Zika virus in Oklahoma? Larry Bergner explains. Perspectives: Season 10 Show 22

Perspectives: Larry Bergner2016-10-27T10:16:50-05:00

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Budget Woes


Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Budget Woes I’m Sam Jones. I’ve been thinking,....about our state budget  woes. This is a great state, but it seems as though because of the budget shortage, just about every state department is facing less money to [...]

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Budget Woes2016-10-27T10:16:50-05:00

Perspectives: Maestro Lauren Green


Perspectives: Maestro Lauren Green Perspectives with Sam Jones: Season 10 Show 21 Our guest for this segment is Maestro Lauren Green the director of the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra.

Perspectives: Maestro Lauren Green2016-10-27T10:16:50-05:00

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Silly Season


Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Silly Season I’m Sam Jones. The silly season is in full swing.  All kinds of accusations and all kinds of promises.   But when  you get right down to it, there is very little in the way of [...]

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Silly Season2016-10-27T10:16:52-05:00

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Advertising


Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Advertising I don’t enjoy making mistakes, which I do from time to time.  We all do.  So I charge ahead and try not to make the same mistake again.    But when major organizations make the same mistakes [...]

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Advertising2016-10-27T10:16:52-05:00