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Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Words


Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Words Words do have meaning but a great many of us talk retro. Meaning essentially we use words and phrases from our generation that many times are lost on younger folks and vice versa. For example, how common [...]

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Words2016-10-27T10:16:52-05:00

Sam’s Perspective: Christmas Past


Sam’s Perspective: Christmas Past Seems like the Christmas season was really short this year. We are taping this in the middle of January but I’ve been giving Christmas past a lot of thought.  I do hope the season was good for you.  [...]

Sam’s Perspective: Christmas Past2016-10-27T10:16:52-05:00

Perspectives: Mt. Kilimanjaro pt. 2


Perspectives: Mt. Kilimanjaro pt. 2 Perspectives: Mt. Kilimanjaro pt.2 Guests Tom McCloud, Tim Harris and Don Kreutzweiser talk about their expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro

Perspectives: Mt. Kilimanjaro pt. 22016-10-27T10:16:52-05:00

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – The Call


Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – The Call In my line of work, you meet a lot of people. Leaders and followers. Heroes and just plain folks. There have also been a few legends. Some of those, became friends. One is on my [...]

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – The Call2016-10-27T10:16:52-05:00

Perspectives: Burma


Perspectives: Burma Tomorrow night, Friday the 18th. At 8p.m. RSU TV will broadcast a documentary about the changing circumstances in the small country of Myanmar.  Controlled by a military junta, the nation of Myanmar has long been isolated as an international [...]

Perspectives: Burma2016-10-27T10:16:53-05:00