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Date & Time: May 20, 2023 – 9am-4pm
Cost: $79
Location: Rogers State University, Claremore
Herrington Hall, Rm 146

Students should bring a scientific or low-level graphing calculator. Please review and respect Rogers State University’s guidance for #HealthyHillcats found at: https://www.rsu.edu/resources/coronavirus/
Be prepared to do your best – it’s your future. Your ACT Test score is a key factor in the college admissions process. Whether you are taking the ACT for the first time or working to improve a previous score, these workshops offer you a chance to study and prepare under the guidance of ACT/SAT Exam Specialist Karen Ignatius.


Ms. Karen Ignatius
… is an Oklahoma and California state certified secondary teacher in the Social Sciences and English. She currently tutors the ACT/SAT both privately and for the Huntington Learning Center-Tulsa. She has also conducted test-taking workshops for college entrance exams and for professional advancement exams for local and CA colleges. In her 50 years in education, she has helped countless students succeed on these examinations. Karen began tutoring the SAT in 1979 and writing those verbal exams in 1989 as a consultant to the Educational Testing Service, the former developer of the SAT. She began tutoring the ACT in 1983 and writing those verbal exams in 1990. Besides her devotion to educating students, Karen also devotes her time to the choir and missions activities at her church, to political, patriotic, and economic education activities, and to her pets.

All payments final. Refunds must be approved by RSU Works by calling 918-343-7649.

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