Woodturning Workshop: Staved Vessel Part 1&2 DVD


Join Tim as he learns how to make one of Bob Fulton's signature staved vessels.


Staved Vessels

Staved Vessels Part 1: Tim visits the shop of ‘genius of the jig’ Bob Fulton, easily one of the most creative turners around. Bob shows Tim how to make one of his signature staved vessels. It’s a complicated process, but Bob breaks it down step by step. You will be amazed at his insight, approach and techniques in tackling such a huge project. This is the first part of a two part series.


Staved Vessels Part 2: It’s back to the shop for our final episode on how to create a staved vessel. Bob Fulton sends Tim on his way to finish up the project they started. Now it’s time to turn! Watch as Tim demonstrates the turning techniques needed to complete this unique and complicated project.

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