When you think of Oklahoma, things such as giant soda bottles, dinosaurs and space capsules probably don’t come to mind. That is what Green Country People and Places is all about. We take ‘off the beaten path’ to a whole new level, introducing you to some of Green Country’s more obscure places and intriguing & talented people. From boot makers and glass blowers to civil war battlefields and model trains, we have a little bit of something for everyone. We do visit the more mainstream places occasionally, but it’s our unorthodox approach that sets Green Country People and Places apart from all the rest.

Green Country People and Places# 301: Tulsa Garden Railroad Club, Alley Oop, Starship Ajaz


Green Country People & Places #301 This Week on Green Country People and Places we visit a member of the Tulsa Garden Railroad Club, meet the people behind the comic strip Alley Oop and go aboard the Starship Ajaz film stage [...]

Green Country People and Places# 301: Tulsa Garden Railroad Club, Alley Oop, Starship Ajaz2016-10-27T10:16:54-05:00

Green Country People & Places 213


Visit the Tulsa Historical Society, the Corral Museum in Catoosa and tour Hawley Design Furnishings in Tulsa. GCP&P Season 2, episode 13

Green Country People & Places 2132016-10-27T10:17:04-05:00

Green Country People & Places 212


Visit the Andy B's Family Entertainment Center in Tulsa, the Peaches’ Sidewalk Autographs in Tulsa and Nouveau - Atelier de Chocolat in Broken Arrow. GCP&P Season 2, episode 12

Green Country People & Places 2122016-10-27T10:17:04-05:00

Green Country People & Places 211


Visit the Tactical Electronics in Broken Arrow, Winganon’s Space Capsule, and GraysLand Acres in Pryor. GCP&P Season 2, episode 11

Green Country People & Places 2112016-10-27T10:17:04-05:00

Green Country People & Places 210: Tulsa’s Amusement Parks


This episode of Green Country People & Places takes a look at several amusement parks, in and around Tulsa. Of course the first one that comes to mind is, Bell's. See Bell's the way it used to be, and hear about what it could become [...]

Green Country People & Places 210: Tulsa’s Amusement Parks2016-10-27T10:17:04-05:00

Green Country People & Places 209


Visit Fuller's Auto & Gas Museum in Inola, Battle of Locus Grove site in Locus Grove, and Tulsa’s Fab Lab. GCP&P Season 2, episode 9

Green Country People & Places 2092016-10-27T10:17:04-05:00

Green Country People & Places 208


Visit the Sam Noble Museum in Norman, meet Tulsa woodturning artist Ron Fleming, and tour the Coleman Theatre Beautiful in Miami. GCP&P Season 2, episode 8

Green Country People & Places 2082016-10-27T10:17:04-05:00

Green Country People & Places 207


Visit the Wild Heart Ranch Wild Animal Rescue in Claremore, Route 66 Village in Tulsa, and the Creek council House Museum in Okmulgee. GCP&P Season 2, episode 7

Green Country People & Places 2072016-10-27T10:17:04-05:00

Green Country People & Places 206


Visit the Garden Deva in Tulsa, Skelly Lodge in Catoosa, and tour the Tulsa’s Downtown Tunnels. GCP&P Season 2, episode 6

Green Country People & Places 2062016-10-27T10:17:04-05:00

Green Country People & Places 205


Visit the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art in Shawnee, Birdhouses by Mark-Sperry in Broken Arrow, and The Route 66 Ribbon Road in Miami. GCP&P Season 2, episode 5

Green Country People & Places 2052016-10-27T10:17:05-05:00