Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Teacher Walkout

What just happened? In very short order the legislature got together, passed a bill giving teachers a raise and the Governor quickly signed it. So Oklahoma teachers are getting a raise and in Oklahoma City everyone from the Governor on down are all sore from patting themselves on the back.

But hold on just a minute,… what they approved is not what teachers asked for nor is it what they deserve. But while it is a raise it accomplished a few extra things you may not have picked up on. First of all it divided the teachers, some were saying it’s a start and there is no reason to walk out, while others were saying “we have to stay the course and fight for what we want and need.” It has also divided voters into those who support what teachers wanted and those who are saying it’s a great beginning now lets get back to work in those overcrowded classrooms. It’s also taken the attention off of the Governor and the Legislature and no one is asking the question “Why didn’t they do this a long time ago?”

It all reminds me of something Will Rogers talked about back in 1931. He said in February of that year, “The Oklahoma governor has it in for the amount of traveling expenses spent by College Athletes. He is trying to put through a bill to compel every team to play all its games at home. It’s kinder hazy in my mind yet.”

Recent actions by the Legislature and the Governor have done the same to me. I’m Sam Jones and that’s my perspective