Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Something New

Hello, I’m Sam Jones. I’m coming to you by way of Rogers State Public Television. We are one of the smallest, if not the smallest public television stations in the country. We actually serve two purposes… one is to bring you the best public programming possible. Apparently you like what you see because our ratings are growing, meaning more and more are tuning in. Our class sizes are increasing and right now we have some of the best students in the station’s history, involved. Today we are beginning a new phase for Rogers State Public Television and for the students. This will mark the beginning of an experiment, the introduction of a studio audience. If it works, then we will be offering the chance for others to join us from time to time, as we grow.

Today’s show involves two important state projects. The first is the State Historical Society. The second is the Will Rogers Museum, a crown jewel that’s located right here, in Claremore, Oklahoma and is a major source of tourism dollars for the state and Claremore as well.

So, you’re invited to stay with us as RSU Public Television takes another step toward the future.

That’s my perspective.