Perspectives, with host Sam Jones, is RSU Public TV’s weekly public affairs program. Guests include local officials, political leaders, musicians, artists and many other people from northeast Oklahoma and the surrounding area.

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Greatness


Perspectives: Sam's Perspective - Greatness Hello everyone. Today I have a question for you. How many times have you known greatness? It’s a word that brings to mind one seen as an achiever or some leader that’s left his or [...]

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Perspectives: Sam’s Perspectives-Guns For All


Perspectives: Sam's Perspective - Guns For All Hello everyone. Before I get to where I’m going, confession time and full disclosure. I did not vote for the current Governor. Not because he is a Republican and I’m a Democrat. [...]

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Perspectives – Michael Wallis


Perspectives: Michael Wallis Michael Wallis tells us how his story about being a good storyteller. Learn what inspires him to tell the stories of interesting people and places, and how he gets it right.

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Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Fake News


Perspectives: Sam's Perspective - Fake News Hello everyone. First a little background on what I’m about to say. I’ve been involved in broadcast news for almost fifty years and one of the things I learned early on is you can’t please [...]

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