Perspectives, with host Sam Jones, is RSU Public TV’s weekly public affairs program. Guests include local officials, political leaders, musicians, artists and many other people from northeast Oklahoma and the surrounding area.

Perspectives: Monte Toon


Prespectives: Monte Toon Oklahoma Watercolor Master Monte Toon shares his story while painting a moving watercolor piece of art. Sit back, and relax while we learn about this Oklahoma treasure.

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Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Life Lessons


Perspectives - Sam's Perspective: Life Lessons Hello, I’m Sam Jones. Remembering back several years, it seems life lessons were easier to come by, than they are today. Fewer distractions. And too, everybody in the family was willing to act as a [...]

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Perspectives – Dr. Charles Hill


Perspectives - Dr. Charles Hill Dr. Charles Hill is a Tulsa Psychiatrist with two passions. The first, of course, is treating and helping his patients achieve wellness. The second, the one that sets him apart from others in his field is [...]

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Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – The Game


Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective - The Game Hello, I’m Sam Jones. You already know we live in troubled times and it goes without saying everyone in the country is feeling the weight of worry. Although the season is over I would encourage [...]

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