Studio 66

Studio 66 is RSU Public Television’s locally produced music show. We showcase Oklahoma musical artists from a variety of musical genres. The show is recorded live in RSU Public TV’s studio.

Watch Studio 66 Friday Nights at 8:30pm on RSU Public TV!

Studio 66: Township & Range

RSU Public Television2023-10-27T16:25:44-05:00
Studio 66: Township & RangeRSU Public Television2023-10-27T16:25:44-05:00

Studio 66: The House on Bluff

RSU Public Television2023-10-27T16:09:27-05:00
Studio 66: The House on BluffRSU Public Television2023-10-27T16:09:27-05:00

Studio 66: Hey Judy

RSU Public Television2023-11-28T12:55:53-06:00
Studio 66: Hey JudyRSU Public Television2023-11-28T12:55:53-06:00

Studio 66: Nude Furniture

RSU Public Television2023-10-27T15:57:33-05:00
Studio 66: Nude FurnitureRSU Public Television2023-10-27T15:57:33-05:00

Studio 66: Dead Shakes

RSU Public Television2023-10-27T15:54:42-05:00
Studio 66: Dead ShakesRSU Public Television2023-10-27T15:54:42-05:00

Studio 66: Brian Parton

RSU Public Television2023-10-27T15:47:34-05:00
Studio 66: Brian PartonRSU Public Television2023-10-27T15:47:34-05:00

Studio 66: Carter Sampson

Daniel Murphree2023-10-20T16:07:40-05:00
Studio 66: Carter SampsonDaniel Murphree2023-10-20T16:07:40-05:00

Studio 66: Jake Marlin

RSU Public Television2023-01-23T08:49:33-06:00
Studio 66: Jake MarlinRSU Public Television2023-01-23T08:49:33-06:00

Studio 66: RR Williams

RSU Public Television2022-12-19T12:04:00-06:00
Studio 66: RR WilliamsRSU Public Television2022-12-19T12:04:00-06:00

Studio 66: Micah Bell

RSU Public Television2022-12-19T12:04:10-06:00
Studio 66: Micah BellRSU Public Television2022-12-19T12:04:10-06:00

Studio 66: Zac Wenzel

RSU Public Television2022-12-16T10:29:08-06:00
Studio 66: Zac WenzelRSU Public Television2022-12-16T10:29:08-06:00

Studio 66: WT Cauley

RSU Public Television2023-01-06T11:50:53-06:00
Studio 66: WT CauleyRSU Public Television2023-01-06T11:50:53-06:00

Studio 66: Little Joe McLerran

RSU Public Television2022-12-19T12:05:13-06:00
Studio 66: Little Joe McLerranRSU Public Television2022-12-19T12:05:13-06:00

Studio 66: Jacob Dement

RSU Public Television2022-12-12T08:59:05-06:00
Studio 66: Jacob DementRSU Public Television2022-12-12T08:59:05-06:00

Studio 66: Lew Jetton

RSU Public Television2022-11-29T15:33:28-06:00
Studio 66: Lew JettonRSU Public Television2022-11-29T15:33:28-06:00

Studio 66: Steve Liddell

RSU Public Television2022-11-10T16:02:10-06:00
Studio 66: Steve LiddellRSU Public Television2022-11-10T16:02:10-06:00

Studio 66: Tyler Byrd

RSU Public Television2022-10-28T13:49:45-05:00
Studio 66: Tyler ByrdRSU Public Television2022-10-28T13:49:45-05:00

Studio 66: Greenhorn Saints

RSU Public Television2022-10-27T16:11:18-05:00
Studio 66: Greenhorn SaintsRSU Public Television2022-10-27T16:11:18-05:00

Studio 66: Bryce Dicus

Daniel Murphree2022-10-27T16:10:44-05:00
Studio 66: Bryce DicusDaniel Murphree2022-10-27T16:10:44-05:00

Studio 66: Sam Cox Band

RSU Public Television2021-12-14T10:34:10-06:00
Studio 66: Sam Cox BandRSU Public Television2021-12-14T10:34:10-06:00

Studio 66: Don White

RSU Public Television2021-12-14T09:55:40-06:00
Studio 66: Don WhiteRSU Public Television2021-12-14T09:55:40-06:00

Studio 66: Jake Flint

RSU Public Television2021-12-14T09:27:51-06:00
Studio 66: Jake FlintRSU Public Television2021-12-14T09:27:51-06:00

Studio 66 Season 3: Route 358

RSU Public Television2021-10-08T15:29:33-05:00
Studio 66 Season 3: Route 358RSU Public Television2021-10-08T15:29:33-05:00

Studio 66 Season 3: Larkin

RSU Public Television2021-10-11T09:59:52-05:00
Studio 66 Season 3: LarkinRSU Public Television2021-10-11T09:59:52-05:00

Studio 66: Travis Kidd

Daniel Murphree2020-11-24T15:42:28-06:00
Studio 66: Travis KiddDaniel Murphree2020-11-24T15:42:28-06:00

Studio 66: Calvin McGriff

Daniel Murphree2020-11-11T12:32:28-06:00
Studio 66: Calvin McGriffDaniel Murphree2020-11-11T12:32:28-06:00

Studio 66: Melissa Hembree

Daniel Murphree2020-11-05T08:46:38-06:00
Studio 66: Melissa HembreeDaniel Murphree2020-11-05T08:46:38-06:00

Studio 66: Jason Ford

Daniel Murphree2020-10-30T14:47:49-05:00
Studio 66: Jason FordDaniel Murphree2020-10-30T14:47:49-05:00

Studio 66: Alaska and Madi

Daniel Murphree2020-10-23T15:28:29-05:00
Studio 66: Alaska and MadiDaniel Murphree2020-10-23T15:28:29-05:00

Studio 66: New Time Zones

Daniel Murphree2020-10-14T16:44:00-05:00
Studio 66: New Time ZonesDaniel Murphree2020-10-14T16:44:00-05:00