Woodturning Workshop

Woodturning Workshop is a weekly 26 episode series dedicated to the enjoyment of woodturning. Combining incredible photography and detailed instruction, each 30-minute episode offers a step-by-step look into the world of one of the fasting growing hobbies in the nation.

Every week you see a simple block of wood literally ‘turn’ into a unique piece of artwork or a useful household item. From lidded boxes to Christmas ornaments, you see the entire process from start to finish. WTW is not just a ‘how to’ show, it also entertains and makes you feel right at home.

Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned wood turner or just enjoy watching chips fly…Woodturning Workshop is for everyone.

WTW Cowboy Hat


Head em’ up and move em’ out this week on the Woodturning Workshop. Tim is joined by the ‘Original Hat Man’ Johannes Michelsen. Johannes will show you how he makes his famous feather-light cowboy hats from a 100 pound piece of [...]

WTW Cowboy Hat2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00

WTW Stuart Batty


If you think that Tim is batty, wait until you meet Stuart! World renowned for his turning skills and humor Stuart Batty will show how he makes one of his classic pieces of art. You can’t miss this episode because all your friends [...]

WTW Stuart Batty2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00

WTW Toy Lawnmower


Get your kid’s mowing skills started early with this week’s project, a toy lawnmower! Tim shows you how to make a safe (yet entertaining) wood turned creation for that special little one in your life. Woodturning Workshop Season 3, episode 7 [...]

WTW Toy Lawnmower2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00

WTW Green Wood Goblet


What do most turners think when they see tree branches lying around? Firewood! Well, not Tim. He shows you how to turn a green wood goblet from start to finish. He also shows you how to take advantage of the natural [...]

WTW Green Wood Goblet2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00

WTW Norfolk Island Pine Bowl


Nothing is more fun than turning green wood! Tim makes a mess and a masterpiece as he introduces you to Norfolk Island Pine. This giant chunk of wood has special characteristics allowing you to bypass normal wood drying procedures. It also [...]

WTW Norfolk Island Pine Bowl2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00

WTW Metal Spinning


If you think the only thing you can turn on your lathe is wood, you are in for a surprise on this episode of Woodturning Workshop. Tim shows you how you can ‘spin’ metal on your lathe, creating beautiful projects. Woodturning [...]

WTW Metal Spinning2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00

WTW Tools & Sharpening


Is Tim sharper than his tools? We’ll let you decide as Tim shows you how to sharpen your tools using several of the sharpening systems on the market. For those purists, Master Turner Stuart Batty will show how to free hand [...]

WTW Tools & Sharpening2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00

WTW Hollowing & Slumped Glass


Woodturning Workshop heads to Plano Texas to visit woodturner Steve Worcester, where he demonstrates his unique laser hollowing system. You will also see his techniques for adding slumped glass to his ‘hemisphere’ creations. Woodturning Workshop Season 3, episode6 [...]

WTW Hollowing & Slumped Glass2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00

WTW Shop Stool


What has four legs and sits around in the workshop all day? Two woodturners! Or in the case of this episode, a shop stool. So sit down and come along as Tim shows you the step by step process of creating [...]

WTW Shop Stool2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00

WTW Turned Tern


The early bird catches the worm, unless it’s made of wood. Tim introduces you to the rare Red Palm Turn…umm Tern. This is a fun project you won’t want to miss. Woodturning Workshop Season 3, episode 4

WTW Turned Tern2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00