Perspectives, with host Sam Jones, is RSU Public TV’s weekly public affairs program. Guests include local officials, political leaders, musicians, artists and many other people from northeast Oklahoma and the surrounding area.

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Making Points


Perspectives: Sam's Perspective - Making Points Hello, I’m Sam Jones. So,... what are you? Christian, Jew, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist or Satanist? Truth be told, it matters not to me what handle you claim. As long as you don’t try to [...]

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Perspectives: Nancy Congleton


Perspectives: Nancy Congleton Our guest on this segment is Nancy Congleton, a graduate of RSU and is not only filling a void, she is speaking out about the need for more who qualify in her field.

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Perspectives: Monte Toon


Prespectives: Monte Toon Oklahoma Watercolor Master Monte Toon shares his story while painting a moving watercolor piece of art. Sit back, and relax while we learn about this Oklahoma treasure.

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