Perspectives, with host Sam Jones, is RSU Public TV’s weekly public affairs program. Guests include local officials, political leaders, musicians, artists and many other people from northeast Oklahoma and the surrounding area.

Perspectives: Risha Grant


Perspectives: Risha Grant Our guest on this segment is Risha Grant, she has been called “Someone to Watch”, because of what she brings to the table.

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Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Midterm


Perspectives: Sam's Perspective -Midterm The election is over. Now, all of us get to live with the results. Today, some are smiling, some are smirking and of course some, well the word frowning seems appropriate. If you didn’t bother to [...]

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Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Vote


Perspectives: Sam's Perspective -Vote Hello I’m Sam Jones. Election day is almost here. We’ve had others but this one is so important. There is so much anger out there that for the most part serious issues have fallen to one side. [...]

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