Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Erratic Earthquakes

Monday, April 9th, 5:22a.m. I’d already been outside to get the morning paper and while it was on the cold side, there was no wind. I’m working on my computer, writing material for the Perspectives show we’ll be taping later in the week. My wife is still asleep. The house is still and quiet and having settled into the material at hand, I’m totally focused on what I’m doing. Suddenly there is a muffled thud, a sound I’m not used to hearing. Then the house starts making a strange sound, sort of like hundreds of squirrels scampering across the roof, from one end of the house to the other. It lasted 8, maybe 10 seconds. Then silence. A few moments later, the same sounds again only this time, not quite as loud. About that time my earthquake alarm sounded through an app on my phone. Earthquake! In Tulsa, Oklahoma. Actually it was in Perry, Oklahoma about 78-miles or so down the road. Not that strong 4.5, but strong enough to get my attention and there is no one awake to tell. No one! I took a flashlight and walked around the house, checking for damage. There was none that I could find, thank goodness. Then I noticed someone with a flashlight about four houses away, walking around his house, presumably checking for damage. After a few minutes, he went inside and there I stood, flashlight in hand, knowing what had happened and no one to tell.
When I moved to Oklahoma, my Dad warned me about the weather,… he talked about the cold wind blowing in across the land and the tornadoes. He said you have to watch out for both. But he didn’t say a word about earthquakes. At the time we weren’t the earthquake capitol of the United States. Also, at the time we talked, the word fracking wasn’t commonly used. For now, I’ll continue to watch out for tornados and brace against the cold winds.
But there is not much you can do to get ready for an earthquake, especially at 5:20 in the morning, except realize that so far, in this part of the state anyway, they only surprise you with bluster and a little noise. So far, little if any damage. Hopefully they won’t get any worse.
I’m Sam Jones and that’s my perspective.