Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Get Your Guns

Hello everyone. A couple of things I want to bring up. First, the problem with Democracy is from time to time people elected to office pass something that you know in your heart is gonna cause problems. The second thing I want to bring up is, it’s too bad Will Rogers isn’t alive to give us his take some of the things those lawmakers pass.
The reason I’m bringing all this up is, the Oklahoma House has passed what’s being called ‘constitutional carry’. The bill would allow people to carry firearms without license or training. There were 11 authors on House Bill 2597 and it sailed right through the house. On top of that at least one state senator has authored similar legislation but the house bill is said to be more agreeable to the business interests that prevailed on Governor Fallin to veto last year’s bill. That’s right, it passed last year but it got ‘shot down’.
If signed into law a couple of things are going to come into play. First of all, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is going to have to come up with $4 to $6 million dollars a year it will lose, which means even if you don’t own a gun you’re gonna feel the financial impact. Second, any yeahoo with a gun will be able to carry it without any training of any kind. Sort of warms your heart doesn’t it. Oh you still won’t be able to take your gun into places where they aren’t allowed, but come on,… think about it. What could possible go wrong?
Not only will you have the bad guys packing heat, you’ll also have folks with no training with a gun on their hip or somewhere. And when the bullets start flying, who is gonna be left stretched out in the street? Chances are it won’t be the bad guy or the good guy cause there is no requirement that either one have any training of any kind and who is to say where their bullets will land. Dandy! Just Dandy!
Yes sir, that’s real progress. You’re doing fine Oklahoma. This same bunch is trying to make it illegal for teachers to leave the classrooms to demonstrate for more support for education. Seems they feel it’s wrong for teaches to point out what they are not doing for our children.
Like I said earlier, it’s too bad Will Rogers isn’t around to give us his take on elected officials. But wait, maybe he did, back in 1932. And it’s really true today. He said, “When ignorance gets started it has no bounds.”
And that’s my perspective.