Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Is Anyone Listening

Hello everyone. How many of you know someone depending on some sort of medication to keep them alive? What about you? Chances are if you aren’t taking these sorts of medications you know someone who is. Here’s another question, what’s happening to the costs of these medications? That’s right, they are going up. Why? Good question. Anybody you know of working seriously to bring those costs down? I also don’t understand why the costs are so high in the United States and yet lower in other countries.
I do know one thing about drugs costs, there are Americans right now forced to decide whether or not to buy their meds or pay for groceries which to me is not only a crime, it’s a sin as well.
You can’t watch television without seeing some sort of advertisement for a drug that you can’t buy off the shelf. You have to have a prescription to get it so you’d best keep a pen and paper handy when watching the telly so you can run to your primary care provider with the news of a new drug on the market that will save us all. The drug companies pay millions of dollars to tell you about those drugs, then claim part of the rising costs are due to marketing the drugs in the first place. What they don’t tell you is those ad costs are probably tax deductions for them so they make money both ways. They get to scare us a little more and make even more money. For them it’s a win- win situation. For those of us dependent on expensive medications it’s a penalty for having an illness in the first place. Begs the question, what can be done about this mess? As things stand right now, not one thing. The folks we elect to congress aren’t going to do anything about the rising cost of health care, ‘cause the health care industry makes so much money and they have a very large lobby in Washington which can and does contribute to the campaign coffers of those who are supposed to be looking out for the voters.
Oh you can write your Congressman or Senator in Washington about it and that will get you a nice form letter explaining how things are so hard on the drug makers but they are looking into it. Don’t expect a follow up letter or any help in the form of legislation. Also keep an eye on what’s happening in the Oklahoma legislature. Learn all you can about Senate Bill 841 and House Bill 2632. No vote yet but lots of big money pressure is raining down on state lawmakers to either pass one or the other or defeat one or the other. I’m not saying they don’t handle pressure well, I am saying they have a history of reacting, not acting.
One more thing, don’t know which Oklahoma hospital you favor but you need to find out if the Doctors in the emergency room are covered by your insurance. I believe they are and I pray you never have to use an emergency room but if you do,… well I’m just saying,…. you don’t want any surprises when, God forbid, the bills start flying. Back to my original question, is anyone really listening? Yes. AARP is and they are on it. And a few others. Drop ‘em a line. They will respond with what else can be done. For all ages of Americans. In the meantime you have to wonder, is anyone out there listening?
And that’s my Perspective.