Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – What About Education


Hello everyone. Did you know we have about six weeks left until the May 31 adjournment deadline of the state legislature? So what’s been accomplished? Seems like member’s hat bands got a little tighter. You know, I’ve said for years those elected usually can be counted on to do three things,… support things that will make them look good to their base so they get reelected, turn their backs on education and react instead of act. Case in point it only took em seven years to pass the real ID act in Oklahoma.
This session with a new governor in charge has been no exception. The difference this time seems to be they’ve been more civil about it. No real fights or arguments or name calling, which has been unusual. Sadly they also failed again to do anything to seriously promote public education in Oklahoma. Members have to know new business always looks at education here before they give serious consideration to moving to Oklahoma. Underpaid teachers and overcrowded classrooms are not going to appeal to any outside major operation. Public education is fighting daily battles just to get by. Where is the legislative support. Other states are hiring out best teachers away every chance they get. And we get,…substitutes.
Well the children in the legislature decided enough is enough last week and passed a new law they say will help. Governor Stitt approved House Bill 1050 last week that increases the number of days a substitute can work during a school year. That’s it? That’s all you can come up with to support public education? And you’re proud of it? Am I missing something here? Please tell me you’ve secretly found a source of money to fully support education.
Please tell me you have serious plans in the works to fix state needs in this area. Please act as though you know what’s going on and you are gearing up to tackle the problem. Please. Oh wait a minute, what am I thinking? For a minute there I thought you folks understood how important public education is to Oklahoma. How silly of me. I forgot that you decided it would be ok for Oklahomans to buy and carry guns without any training or experience. Guess you thought that would help education. You might want to keep in mind the children are watching as you lead by example. Are you proud of yours?
That’s my perspective.