Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Guns For All

Hello everyone. Before I get to where I’m going, confession time and full disclosure. I did not vote for the current Governor. Not because he is a Republican and I’m a Democrat. Rather I didn’t believe he was the one to lead us out of the terrible financial problems we’re facing. Now before your blood pressure starts going up and you throw your remote at the television set, let me say I did support Henry Belmon when he ran for and was elected Governor. Belmon was a Republican and I never regretted supporting him. Not once.
So for me it’s not a matter of labels but it is a matter of voting for whom I believe is the best choice. After the most recent election I decided O.K., he’s the Governor. Let’s give him a chance. I almost liked the fact that he admitted he didn’t know everything about all the issues but he said he would bring in people who did, to help him make decisions. Then he started living up to the old saying, “you gots to dance with those that brung you.”
So far I don’t see any serious support for education and the clock is ticking. But what really came as a slap in the face was when he signed the bill giving anyone who wants to, the right to carry a gun. Doesn’t matter whether or not they’ve had any training, beginning in November, if they are cleared to buy a gun and can afford one, well sir, in Oklahoma, they’ll be able to carry it. What could possibly go wrong.
Even though I’ve been around guns all my life, I’ve also been through gun use and safety training courses. So for me, the Governor’s support of this bill isn’t a matter of gun ownership, it’s a matter of common sense. How many times have you seen tempers flare in traffic? How about at sporting events? What could happen if the person upset in traffic has had no training but is packing heat?
What could happen if the person upset at a referee’s call during a children’s soccer game has a gun on his hip or in her purse? I know these are extreme situations but so is a bill that allows untrained Oklahoma residents to carry a gun with no training and no license.
Why take a chance? Once the trigger is pulled and the bullet leaves the gun, you can’t get it back and whatever happens is final. Additionally, how will you react at a meeting when you take an unpopular stand on an issue and the biggest supporter of whatever you are against is wearing a gun? Will that prevent you from speaking out because of fear? Is that what our Democracy is based on, fear and intimidation?
What was the Governor thinking? Better question might be, was he thinking at all, or just dancing with those what brung him? I’m Sam Jones and that’s my Perspective.