Sam’s Perspective: Progress

I’m Sam Jones. You can’t make this stuff up,… the stuff being what goes on at the state capitol in the middle of a crisis. Here we are in the middle of a very serious budget shortage, over 1-billion dollars and what are lawmakers doing to deal with it? Fair question. Well,… lets see.

A bill working its way through various committees would do away with daylight savings time. Rep. Sally Kern, who in the past has given us so many outstanding quotes, is against the change saying, it would have a huge economic impact on golf courses.

Another bill insures that only those born male, would use public men’s restrooms and only those born female would use public women’s restrooms.

Still no progress on that real I D issue. I got my passport,… do you have yours?

And while there is a call to stop the latest tax cut that went into effect last month, so far no action.

And I just found out that one group of lawmakers is complaining about retired teachers “double-dipping” by taking their pensions while going back to work part-time. Course they’re not at all upset that some retired state employees are double and even triple dipping,… not only two state pensions but other part time and in some cases full time jobs. Nope,… that’s different.

You gotta hand it to lawmakers. They know there is a serious budget problem but it seems daylight savings time and public restrooms are more important. The possibility of some things happening, is just a major shock to the sensibility of some lawmakers, especially if the sun is still shining when they have to use a public loo. And that’s my perspective.