Radio Bristol’s Farm and Fun Time S2Ep4: Zoe & Cloyd, John R. Miller

From the Tennessee-Virginia State Line, Farm and Fun Time brings you a high-energy, fun-filled performance that puts a modern spin on classic live radio, featuring contemporary roots music artists & segments that celebrate Appalachian Culture. Host Kris Truelsen and house band Bill and the Belles tie it all together for an entertaining experience you won’t soon forget! This week’s show features a blend of original bluegrass, klezmer, old-time and folk sylings from Zoe & Cloyd, and the intricate wordplay and haunting imagery from singer-songwriter-picker John R. Miller . We also take a visit to the Tennessee Nature Conservancy in Shady Valley, TN to learn more about a rare occurrence in the southern Appalachian mountains, a wild cranberry bog.

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