The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers

This independently produced documentary, distributed by RSU Public TV, follows singer-songwriter Beau Jennings as he set out to make his latest album. He thought the subject would be about his experiences in Brooklyn, NY, his current home. However, as Jennings worked on the album, he was drawn to a childhood hero of his – the legendary entertainer and political commentator Will Rogers. After writing several songs about the American icon, Jennings decided to further explore the source of his inspiration with a cross-country road trip, resulting in the sentimental documentary THE VERDIGRIS: IN SEARCH OF WILL ROGERS. Named for the river Verdigris that runs through the Oklahoma hometowns of both Rogers and Jennings, the documentary is a unique rendering of Rogers’ legacy. Jennings retraces the steps of the legendary Oklahoman, visiting locations where significant milestones occurred in Rogers’ life, performing original songs about those events, and interviewing people who shaped or were influenced by the “Cherokee Kid.”

Directed by Beau Jennings. Produced by Eric Steele & Adam Donaghey. Executive Producer Bradley Beesley. Co-Executive Producer Jonathan Fowler.