Woodturning Workshop

Woodturning Workshop is a weekly 26 episode series dedicated to the enjoyment of woodturning. Combining incredible photography and detailed instruction, each 30-minute episode offers a step-by-step look into the world of one of the fasting growing hobbies in the nation.

Every week you see a simple block of wood literally ‘turn’ into a unique piece of artwork or a useful household item. From lidded boxes to Christmas ornaments, you see the entire process from start to finish. WTW is not just a ‘how to’ show, it also entertains and makes you feel right at home.

Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned wood turner or just enjoy watching chips fly…Woodturning Workshop is for everyone.

WTW Elevated Platter


Tim takes the lowly platter and elevates it to new heights. He creates a unique and beautiful two tiered platter from curly maple. This is a great project involving spindle and bowl turning skills along with several different mounting techniques. Woodturning [...]

WTW Elevated Platter2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00

WTW Mortar & Pestle


Oh no! Tim’s back in the kitchen again. This episode is literally a grind as Tim shows you how to turn a mortar and pestle. Hopefully this age-old cooking tool will help you more in the kitchen than it does Tim. [...]

WTW Mortar & Pestle2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00

WTW Fishing Lure


Join Tim as he travels to Broken Bow Oklahoma to visit fellow woodturner and professional fisherman Charlie Stuart. You will learn his step by step process on how to turn, prepare, and paint your own fishing lure. Afterwards, Tim gets the [...]

WTW Fishing Lure2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00

WTW Holiday Bell


Since the holidays inevitably come around every year, why not be prepared? Tim shows you how to turn an ornamental bell to hang on your tree, display on your mantle, or to give to someone special, as Tim does at the [...]

WTW Holiday Bell2016-10-27T10:17:06-05:00

WTW Pepper Mill & Coffee Mug Kits


Why use a kit? Why not? Everyone has those days where the creative juices have dried up. Tim is having one of those days, so he visits a local woodturning store to get a few ideas and picks up a couple [...]

WTW Pepper Mill & Coffee Mug Kits2016-10-27T10:17:07-05:00

WTW Vacuum Pump/Natural Edge Bowl


In this episode Tim visits with his good friend and master woodturner Larry Elizondo to learn about a different way to hold your work on the lathe…with a vacuum chuck. Larry shows how using the vacuum can help you make a [...]

WTW Vacuum Pump/Natural Edge Bowl2016-10-27T10:17:07-05:00

WTW Wood Grain Patterns


Wood Grain Patterns: Get your chainsaw ready on this episode of Woodturning Workshop as Tim visits with master woodturner Wayne Furr. Wayne’s use of wood grain patterns in his work will make you think twice before making that first cut. You [...]

WTW Wood Grain Patterns2016-10-27T10:17:07-05:00

WTW Snowwoman


Snowwoman: Winter is coming, the snow is falling and somewhere a wooden snowman sits alone on the mantle. Tim to the rescue! On this episode of Woodturning Workshop Tim turns his snowman a companion…a snowwoman. Woodturning Workshop Season 2, Episode 9 [...]

WTW Snowwoman2016-10-27T10:17:07-05:00

WTW Forest Heritage Center


Woodturning Workshop travels to the Masters at Work woodturning competition at the Forrest Heritage Center in Broken Bow Oklahoma. You will meet some of the best turners in the region as they begin to create pieces for the show. Experience an [...]

WTW Forest Heritage Center2016-10-27T10:17:07-05:00

WTW Chess Set


Checkmate! …is what Tim always hears from his opponents! He may not be the best chess player around, but he wants to ‘turn’ things around on this episode of Woodturning Workshop. Learn the step by step process on how to design [...]

WTW Chess Set2016-10-27T10:17:07-05:00