Perspectives, with host Sam Jones, is RSU Public TV’s weekly public affairs program. Guests include local officials, political leaders, musicians, artists and many other people from northeast Oklahoma and the surrounding area.

Perspectives: Sam’s Perspective – Las Vegas


Perspectives: Sam's Perspective - Las Vegas You already know what happened in Law Vegas, 59 dead including the gunman, hundreds wounded in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Its been covered by the media from just about all angles,... [...]

Perspectives: Red Cross


Perspectives: Red Cross Our guests are Phil Oura a volunteer and Matt Hitchcock a staff member of the Red Cross. They discuss how the Red Cross responds to disasters and what you can do to be prepared. [...]

Perspectives: Rita Scott – TSET


Perspectives: Rita Scott - TSET Our guest for this segment is Rita Scott, with TSET. They discuss various programs that TSET is involved with, including community gardens.

Perspectives: Colin Berg – Wildlife Expo


Perspectives: Colin Berg - Wildlife Expo Colin Berg, of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, talks with Sam about the upcoming Wildlife Expo and the wonderful events that they're hosting on. They also discuss the July-August issue of Outdoor America. [...]